Sun Huang Ju Hydraulic Machinery Rename Announcement

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Sun Huang Ju Hydraulic Machinery Rename Announcement

Dear Sir or Madam,


We would appreciate your supporting at Sun Huang Ju Hydraulic Machinery all the time. We had serviced for our customer more than four decades. Starting from Huang Ju Industrial to Sun Huang Ju Hydraulic Machinery Industrial that we were specializing in supplying a completed series of machinery for oil seal, packing cup, square ring and iron seal case… and so on. Now we move forward next milestone, we endow our company as a whole new brand as SCP Technology Machinery to enlarge various product line to service more customers, to make win-win for both sides between SCP Technology Machinery and all customers.   

In response to company operation and global development requirement, San Huang Ju Hydraulic Machinery will be officially renamed SCP Technology Machinery Co., Ltd on March 1, 2022. Our company will exposure in SCP Technology company trade mark in the global market.

This will enable SCP Technology Machinery to deploy its existing strengths even more rapidly, effectively and flexibly to service our customers in the competitive global market.


Our vision is as simple as usual: we want to expand various product line to customize / meet all customer’s product demand. We fulfill this vision when we inspire innovation and drive growth through profitable technologies and products that benefit capacity and reduce the labor cost in the near future.


SCP Technology Machinery will continue to serving all existing customers in the global area.

All Rights and obligations of customers have not thing change as what we make the commitment as usual. We will keep moving forward on developing new machines, processes and applications that suit for oil seal technology and innovation.


We will keep you informed of any major updates as we move toward SCP Technology Machinery. Please free contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns

Thank you all.



Yours sincerely,



David Lin

Chairman SCP Technology Machinery Co., Ltd