32"Tire Curing Press Machine

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32"Tire Curing Press Machine
32"Tire Curing Press Machine

Q'ty :

Model No: SHJ-4M-32

Car tires, Motorcycle tires and Agricultural vehicle tires.



    Mechanical features :

    1 Tire vulcanizer, a key process for producing tires 

    2The overall structure of the machine is made of steel plate. After heat treatment, the rigidity is improved and the service life of the vulcanizer is strengthened.

    3 High temperature and high pressure in the production process, the human-machine interface accurately monitors the temperature circulation system, increases the stability of the vulcanization process, and maintains stable hydraulic working conditions. 

    4 Hydraulic clamping structure, the stable output of clamping force, greatly improve product yield, reduce glue overflow or abnormal parallelism. 


    5 It can increase tire vulcanization productivity and ensure tire quality and precision, while significantly reducing maintenance and relevant labor costs.